Mahesh is an experienced practitioner with a post-graduate Masters from the University of South Australia.

In addition to more than 17 years of clinical practice, in both Australia and India, Mahesh has an extensive experience in the management of complex conditions and work-place injuries through his experience as a Provider specialist at EML SA and in developing management strategies with an emphasis on rehabilitation, individually tailored to the needs of patients.

Mahesh’s main interests include Musculo-skeletal diagnosis, Clinical reasoning and Evidence-based Practice.

He continues to teach MSK diagnosis for post – graduate students in India.

Mahesh has worked with cricket teams in India, tennis players, South Adelaide, in the SANFL. He currently works with West Torrens Birkalla, in the National Premier League (soccer).

Mahesh is a cricket fanatic, drummer and a wildlife enthusiast. He loves timepieces and is an amateur horologist.

He enjoys spending time with Mithru (his Rhodesian ridgeback) and

has a keen interest in wildlife and macro photography.

Mahesh has been involved in competitive cricket for the past 20

years but is now limited to indoor cricket as he is running behind his

toddler Aryavardhan these days…

By the way… Mahesh goes for the Crows!
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